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So you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, what is your vision, your “Big Picture”?

  • In last month’s Kitchen Design – “Countertops, which ones right for you?” we explored countertops

Now the fun begins…looking at appliances that are both a visual and functional aspect in your kitchen.   After you’ve met with your Designer of choice, they will work on “The Big Picture”…this should dovetail with your vision.

Your “Homework” can be to look at appliances that catch your eye or fit into your vision!

Appliances multi task in your kitchen; store, freeze, thaw, warm, chill, clean and cook.  Function, purpose and visually amazing.  Your Designer will guide you through what’s available.  A “Kitchen Lifestyle Survey” is utilized to help eliminate “decision block”.

Sample questions can be:

  • How and what type of food do you prepare and serve? How often?
  • Kind of cooking – baking, single or double oven, grilling?
  • Beverage storage – room temperature or chilled?
  • Grocery shopping – type, location, frequency, and/or delivered?
  • What’s your style? Free standing, built-in, some offer drawer function

Kitchen Appliance Categories:

-Refrigeration:  side by side, French door, bottom freezer, top freezer, and built-in which can be drawer units

o   Possibly the most frequently used appliance, refrigerators have many configurations to meet your needs.  Door operation, water & ice delivery, size and volume, fit and finish…many choices available.

o   Freezer; separate from your refrigerator and ice machine as needed.

-Cooking:  gas or electric, range, cooktop, rangetop, wall oven, microwave and warming drawers

o   Following the refrigerator, often the second most used appliance in your kitchen.  As part of the work triangle, location or locations/needs will drive your selection.  Decisions include meal type, cooking for how many, frequency for types of cooking – weekly, monthly, annually and special events.

-Dishwasher:  all styles including 24” wide, 18” wide, dishdrawers and portable

o   Your dishwasher “bats clean-up”.  Choose from 24” or compact 18” widths.  Space or accessibility needs are well served by dishdrawers, either single or stacked.  Special events, meal type and frequency may opt for two dishwashers – one at each sink?  Enjoy much improved sound level and energy efficiencies.

-Garbage disposals:

o   Advancements in grinding design and sound reduction technology quietly conquer your disposing needs.

-Ventilation:  select from wall or island hoods, downdraft, insert liners and blowers

o   Your Designer and/or appliance specialist will consult with you to coordinate your cooking appliance needs with proper ventilation.

o   Sizing to match dimensions of your cooking surface and capacity of ventilation measured in Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM.   CFM capacity, style; visible hood, concealed insert liners or downdrafts contained within your cabinetry.

o   Building codes have been updated to address our more energy efficient air tight homes and gas fired equipment to maintain safe operations.

-Coffee Maker:

o   Choose from a wide variety of built-in coffee makers.  For the connoisseur at your home, you can enjoy whole or ground bean espresso, cappuccino, latte or regular coffee.

Like your favorite recipes, so does a successful kitchen remodel; the right balance of ingredients brought together in a strategic manor and prepared to perfection.  Start with a Kitchen Designer.  Share your wants, wishes and desires, your “Big Picture” vision.  Kootenia Homes – luxury homes and remodeling, “everything is possible” and with our knowledge we can help you achieve your dream home or remodeling project!

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