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Whether you have owned one house or five houses, there comes a point when a homeowner develops an idea of what they would consider to be their dream home. At Kootenia Luxury Homes, we specialize in making those dreams a reality. Though attaining your dream home can seem like an impossible feat, building with Kootenia ensures your home will be completely unique from the inside out. Have you ever seen a neighborhood filled with a few variations of the exact same home? In a Minnesota neighborhood with Kootenia, each home looks different because each home is different. That is the Kootenia difference. Our objective is that each home we build reflects the wishes and desires of the client. We listen to you, and in doing so, are able to emulate all of the little nuances that shape your personal taste and style into your home. If no two people are exactly the same – why should your dream home be any different?

New Construction Lot

Newly broken ground of a future Kootenia Custom Home in the Rapp Farm Neighborhood!

While the prospect of creating a dream home from start to finish seems overwhelming to some, especially people who are open minded to different concepts, Kootenia’s team of designers and builders ensure that you will have guidance 100% of the time. These professionals have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in everything related to new home construction. They are up to date on all of the latest trends and can show you the different options that are available to you. Do you have a vision board or Pinterest board for your dream home? Bring everything you have ever wanted to the initial design meeting, including your wish list. The more visuals the better! Our pros will go through the elements you want in a home point by point, help you prioritize your wish list to ensure that you stay within your budget, and give you suggestions based on your style. Not sure what type of layout you want? No problem! Our professionals can walk you through model homes as well as other previously finished homes allowing you to get a sense of what you might want in your home; or perhaps, what you do not want in your home.

Professional Minnesota Home Builders

Kootenia Homes

Once the professionals at Kootenia feel confident they understand exactly what the clients vision is, our team of designers begin sketching a blue print of your new home including the lot, all while being mindful of staying within the budget. As Custom Home Builders, we feel it is very important there are no surprises when it comes to cost. The client is in the loop as much as anyone else involved in the project. A management system allows you to easily follow along with the progress of the home, ensuring every element is completed as it was originally envisioned. It is at this point that changes and modifications are made based on the needs and wants of the client seeing their new home take shape for the first time. After the sketches are completed and have your stamp of approval, the home goes out for bids. The client then makes the final selections for all of the home’s features based on the allocated budget. At this point our talented artists develop a threedimensional model of the home. Upon completion and approval, your new dream home is ready to break ground and the magic truly begins!

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