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Now is an excellent time to build with extremely favorable interest rates available. Have you looked at existing homes in Minnesota and just haven’t found the right one? One thing not to overlook are the benefits of building your new home with Kootenia Homes. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to build with Kootenia Homes:

– No Home Surprises

When you build a new home with Kootenia Homes you get 1-2-10 Home Warranty. Unlike in an existing home, there will be no surprises of hidden deferred maintenance issues. You get to move in with no hassles and no worries.

Existing homes are full of surprises. Sometimes there are years of neglect or deferred maintenance that comes back to surprise you. The roof on an existing home may not need replacing at the time you purchase it, but may only be a couple years away from needing to be replaced. The same with mechanical systems like the furnace, these items have a 15-20 year lifespan but what year in the lifespan are they in when you purchase?   What have the previous owners done that may come back to haunt you? With a new home by Kootenia Homes, these items are brand new at the beginning of their lifecycle, plus they are covered under Warranty if something should happen to go wrong.

– Today’s Floorplan

Building a new home allows for the floorplan and amenities to fit today’s lifestyles. With today’s busy lifestyle an open floorplan for entertaining and family connections is more important than ever.

When you build with Kootenia Homes you also have the ability to incorporate your family’s lifestyle into the design. Perhaps you have are an avid wine collector and have a need for a wine cellar to store your collection. Perhaps you are foodie and love to cook, and have special kitchen requirement. Kootenia Homes will work with you to incorporate the floorplan to your lifestyle.

– Wired for Today’s Technology

Today we have all sorts of computers, laptops, TV’s, home theatres, notebooks, tablets and phones all connecting our homes globally. All these devices require more electrical plugins, charging stations, and phone/cable/data connections.  By building new you can be sure there will be outlets and data ports where you need them. There is nothing worse than not having enough outlets in a room and trying to retrofit something in.   When you build with Kootenia Homes, you will be making selections where to place outlets and data ports.

– Energy Star Appliances

Kootenia Homes includes Energy Star Appliances. Appliances account for approximately 20% of a home’s utility bills, Energy Star appliances will reduce your utility bills. Energy Star appliances are improved quality and durability over standard appliances including higher quality components which can result in fewer mechanical problems, longer equipment life, and in many cases extended warranties. Some Energy Star appliances include features that decrease operating noise, while other includes technologies that reduce water use.

When you move into a Kootenia home, you have brand new Energy-Star appliances that are under warranty.

– Design Advantages

When building a new home you the advantage of making your design and selections the way you want it. Do you like certain curb appeal? Perhaps you prefer a front porch or the shake siding? Perhaps you prefer a natural wood front door or white trim.   What kind of cabinet space are you looking for, what types of features do you want included into the cabinetry? How about your flooring materials and wall colors? These are the choices you can make when building with Kootenia Homes or select from an assortment of popular designs by Kootenia.

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With an existing house, you are spending a lot of time and energy looking for that one home that is to fit your lifestyle, location, budget, and dreams. It is a little bit like trying to find a needle in the haystack. Why not work with Kootenia Homes to turn your dream into reality? Contact us today to get started at 651.731.2345