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Thinking of updating your home?

Here are some unique features you can incorporate into your home remodel.

Furniture Inspired Islands – Make your kitchen island a focal point of your space. Instead of using the same cabinetry for your entire kitchen make your island a little more interesting! If your kitchen cabinetry is white incorporate a stained, reclaimed, or painted finish on your island. To make this piece even more unique you can install a reclaimed wood countertop or a different but coordinating stone. This is a part of your kitchen that you can go bold with and really have some fun!

Heat it up – Heated Driveways, bathrooms, kitchen and basement floors are a great feature to add to your home. Here in Minnesota where slippers and sweaters are a necessity adding a heated floor will solve all of your problems! Heated driveways are also a great feature to add to your home. Never have to scrape ice or snow off of your driveway again, it will simple just melt!

Exposed and Salvaged – Exposing or adding structural elements and re-purposing salvaged materials is a unique spin on green design and sustainability. There has been an increase in homeowners adding reclaimed and recycled materials to their home. Reclaimed floors or countertops are very durable 

Laundry Shoot – This feature was once popular and is completely worthy of resurrection. This feature is so simple to add to a space and you will use it every day. Many families are even deciding to use their laundry shoot as a place to dispose of non-breakable recyclable materials.

That Place for Stuff – With the busy lifestyles we live today often a room totally dedicated to storage and organization could solve many families’ problems. A separate room off the kitchen or by an entry is a perfect place to put built-ins for coats and shoes, kid’s workstations, toy storage and additional storage closets. This room is meant to house all of the everyday messy things in our lives. The rest of your home should stay neat and uncluttered. Busy families often do not have time to clean and organize on a daily basis. This allows you to simply shut the door!

Custom Storage Solutions – Walk in Pantries, custom compartments, multiple drawers instead of cabinets or hidden trash storage are just a few of the custom storage solutions you can add to your kitchen remodel. Thinking about how you use your space and what items you need to store in your kitchen will give you a better idea of what items to add to your remodel. Families are really trying to customize their kitchens and bathrooms to make their lives as simple and organized as possible.