Kitchen RemodelingREMODELINGKitchen Islands are the hub of your kitchen remodel

Why are Kitchen Islands so important – check it out!

Generally speaking, many kitchens are disorganized with layouts which lead to other issues:

  • Utilize the kitchen work triangle for ideal island position to maximize your kitchens layout:
    • Cooking work center
    • Sink or cleanup work center
    • Refrigeration

A kitchen Island is at the center of your kitchen’s room dynamics:

Basic design work center

  • A centralized section of cabinetry with countertop
    • Many options for countertop overhangs to incorporate seating
    • Replaces your larger dinette table and chairs
    • Supplements your dining room
    • Doubles up as a buffet table for all sorts of occasions

Single station work center

  • Design your kitchen sink or an additional prep sink in the island
    • Pair up a dishwasher and recycling/trash drawer to complete your sink area
  • Cooking center
    • Whether using a range top or a cook top, electric or gas, plan on ventilation
    • Consider a slide in range which adds an oven to your cooking surface
    • A built-in microwave oven – uses a drawer operation for convenience
    • Use a warming drawer adjacent to the cooking center
  • Refrigeration
    • Whether an under-counter unit or refrigerator drawers, the added and likely more accessible refrigeration at your island will compliment your main fridge

Multiple station work centers

  • Incorporate one or two refrigerator drawers next to your sink area
  • To coordinate with your oven along the outside wall of your kitchen, have a built-in microwave oven in the island – now you have more working countertop space
  • A wine fridge will double your island as a working wet bar

“Center of attention”

  • Maybe the best reason why an island is so important in what it can do
    • Centralized “Chef’s space”
    • Gathering place for “chefs” visitors and/or helpers
  • Shortens your distance traveled from station to station
  • Doubles up as a paperwork, crafts or homework station when not in use at meal time
  • Cabinetry – bookcase for books, collectibles, photos & Art displays and games storage

What’s the shape of your kitchen? Take inventory of what’s currently in your kitchen – how does your “Work Triangle” measure up? What are your needs work center wise and for storage. A strategically placed Island can address so many needs for a kitchen. Based on available space maybe you could benefit from two Islands.

Contact a Remodeling Designer for your overall design review – much like you’d contact a personal trainer for an exercise program for better fitness! Develop a floor plan. See how an Island will dovetail into your space. Review elevations and 3D color images to visualize your refreshed space.

Lighting will enhance your space much like a fine jewelry store highlights their gems and jewelry items.

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