REMODELINGGetting the most out of your master suite remodeling project for resale vaule

Home Improvements that give you the most return!

Kitchens and Bathrooms

When remodeling for resale choosing to focus on kitchens and bathrooms is always a smart choice! Choose finishes that are neutral and likeable by many people. You can spend thousands of dollars on a custom space that you love but others may not. Another myth regarding remodeling for resale is that if the project is more expensive it will give you the most return for your money. Many choose to simply give their space a facelift – such as painting, replacing appliances and just giving necessary general improvements. This still leaves the new homeowner with flexibility to add in their personal style.

General Updates

Update all necessary items in your home. It will do you no good if you have a brand new remodeled kitchen, but yet the roof is leaking or there are issues with the mechanicals of the home. These updates are not as exciting as a new bathroom or kitchen but are very necessary as far as your homes resale value goes. People really do appreciate these updates and some even find these more valuable than a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can make a large impact on the resale of your home. This is the first thing people see when they come to your home and you will want to put your best foot forward. People do judge a book by its cover! If you’re exterior lacks appeal many potential buyers will not even get past the exterior to see the wonderful updates you have done inside. Replacing old worn siding or upgrading your roof is a great way to give your home curb appeal but also give your home that necessary update.

Additional Space

Adding additional rooms and functional space to your home will give you a boost in your homes resale value. Bathrooms, sunrooms, attic bedrooms and finished basements are all great additions to your home. Additions can be some of the most expensive updates you can do to your home. Be modest when selecting your materials and don’t make your addition over extravagant or you won’t recoup your money back.


If you have done all the structural updates and interior updates you can add in some extra features to your home. Some examples are home theatres, sound systems and wine cellars. Added extras could also be exterior such as a fire pit or patio grille area. These are just the icing on the cake for potential buyers – just something that can set your home apart from the rest.