Kitchen RemodelingREMODELINGKitchen Design Guidelines

Doorway, Entry and Interference:

  • Doorways leading into your kitchen should be a minimum of 32” wide, ideally 36” for large appliances
  • Avoid door interference;
    • Refrigerator, oven and dishwasher door swings

Distances for your work triangle:

  • With 3 work centers, sum of the distances should not exceed 26’, no leg less than 4’ or more than 9’
    • Work centers:  sink, refrigerator and cooking
    • A kitchen with more than 3 work centers maintains minimums and maximums
  • Work center layout:
    • A full height, full depth, tall item should not separate a leg of your work triangle
      • Visibility should be maintained across your work triangle area
  • Work triangle traffic:
    • Primary traffic should go around your work triangle, not through it
  • Work Aisle:
    • Recommend 42” width for one cook, 48” for multiple cooks
      • Maintain  30”- 48” clear floor space at each appliance, overlaps are acceptable
      • In a “U” shaped kitchen plan a minimum of 60” between sides or legs of the “U”
  • Walkway:
    • The width of a walkway should be 36”, ideally 42” for multiple cook kitchens
  • Traffic clearance at seating areas:
    • Maintain a 32” clearance between table and wall when a non-thru traffic setting
      • Maintain a 36” clearance to Edge past and 42” to Walk past”
  • Seating clearance:
    • For 30” table height – 24” width and 18” depth for each diner
    • For 36” table/counter height – 24” width and 15” depth for each diner
    • For 42” table/counter height – 24” width and 12” depth for each diner

Clean up for Main sink placement:

  • 1 Sink kitchen – place the sink adjacent to or across from your cooking space and refrigerator
    • Landing area:
      • Ideally plan a 24” wide work surface area on both sides of your sink
    • Preparation area:
      • Ideally plan a 36” wide work surface area next to your sink for primary preparations
        • Plan additional work surface areas of 24”, ideally 30” in width
    • Dishwasher placement:
      • Locate the dishwasher within 36” of the sink along the same cabinet run
        • Provide at least 21” of standing space between dishwasher and adjacent cabinet at a right angle to the sink area
          • With a diagonal sink setting, measure from the centerline of the sink
    • Waste & Recycling:
      • Ideally 1 trash and 1 recycling near your main sink
  • 2 Sink kitchen – place an auxiliary sink in an area to compliment your work triangle

Refrigerator landing area:

  • Maintain 18”of landing area on either side of your refrigerator and for above under-counter styles
    • A clear floor space of 30”deep x 48”wide should be positioned in front of your refrigerator

Cooking & Oven surface landing area:

  • Maintain 18” of landing area on either side of your cooking area
    • For cooktop surfaces at an island or peninsula maintain a minimum of 9” to the countertop edge at the back of the appliance
    • Cooking surface clearances:
      • Allow 24” between cooking surface and noncombustible surface above it
      • Allow 30” when an unprotected or combustible surface is above it
    • Cooking surface ventilation:
      • Provide a correctly sized, ducted ventilation system for all cooking surface appliances
        • Follow manufacturers specifications
        • Ventilation controls should be easily accessible 
        • Make-up air may be needed based on CFM
    • Oven landing area:
      • Maintain at least an 18” landing area next to or above the oven
      • An 18” area not more than 48” across from the oven is acceptable if it does not open into a primary walkway

Countertop space:

  • A total of 158” of countertop frontage, 24” depth with a minimum of 15” clearance above is needed to manage all uses of your kitchen – landing, preparation, work and storage.

What’s the shape of your kitchen?

Contact a Remodeling Designer to develop a floor plan.  Elevations and 3D color images help to visualize.

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