New Home BuildingBuilding a New House Myths about building in the fall

Many people assume that spring and summer are the best (or only) months to build a new home in Minnesota. However, fall is actually a wonderful time to get started! While it initially may seem like a crazy time to begin the building process, it has more benefits than you might think. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of starting your dream home TODAY!

1.) Experience/Advances in Technology

Kootenia has had a long and rich history, building more than a thousand homes over the past 45 years, during all 4 seasons. Our talented builders, designers and contractors plan well in advance and work efficiently, keeping costs down and ensure that your home is built soundly and correctly. These factors along with new methods, products and advances in technology have made it easier to build during the fall and winter seasons.

2.) Soil

The months leading up to winter provide a great canvas to dig, fill, and shape the foundation of a home. This is because the fall brings cool, dry weather and soil, which homebuilders love. Ideally, if you plan to build throughout the winter, the fall months would provide the perfect ground for all of the excavating required for your dream home.=

3.) Snow vs. Rain

Though snow can be a pain for contractors, they can still continue to work while it snows versus if it were to rain. Snow is also a great insulator. When snow covers the ground, it keeps the ground warmer. Snow is also easier to keep out of the interior of the home than rain.

4.) Mud & Dirt

During winter, you are naturally going to be inside more, so having a torn up yard isn’t as big a hassle. If you start building in the spring, you will have the headache of a torn up yard filled with mud and dirt throughout the summer.

5.) Quicker Permits

Since it’s slower during winter months, permits are much easier to obtain as a result of government agencies being less backed up.

6.) Efficient Timeline

Building in the “off-season” means you’re in your new home more quickly. It also means that contractors will not only be easier to line up, but they are also more likely to stay on schedule, as a result of having fewer projects going on at one time.

These are just some of the advantages to building a new home in the fall and winter. Are you interested in building your dream home? Contact Jen Eibensteiner to get started today!