New Home Building

Buying a new house is an exciting opportunity. It is a chance to live in the home of your dreams. A place that is unique to you and your family. But with so many options in today’s world, it can be hard to know where to start.

The Parade of Homes is the perfect place to see what’s new in the homebuilding process.

For Kootenia Homes, a major highlight of the spring parade is the opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in home design.

So, what are some home design trends for 2016? Our latest creation, model #108 in the Rapp Farm neighborhood of North Oaks, is a beautiful example that reflects some key design trends for 2016. Here are a few favorites…

1. Kitchen Countertops.

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens are still the heart of the home, which also means they get the most wear and tear. So selecting the appropriate countertops for your kitchen is an important job. From granite to quartz, soapstone to slate, natural stone countertops continue to reign supreme. By far one of the most common and functional natural stone countertops is granite. The only natural stone harder than granite are rubies, diamonds and sapphires. Our Kootenia parade model #108 contains gorgeous granite countertops. However, several other natural stones are also becoming increasingly popular. Quartz is definitely a trend that will continue into 2016. Quartz counters are man-made engineered stone. Homeowners love this because they are extremely durable, fighting against stains, scratches and heat, while still requiring very little maintenance. The most durable type of quartz is silestone, though it won’t hold the same natural look as granite. Cambria quartz is another popular stone used in our custom Kootenia Homes. The important thing to remember is that with Kootenia, you can choose!

2. Statement Light Fixtures.

Light fixtures are like works of art. Even in the simplest of spaces, an amazing light fixture automatically boosts the room’s atmosphere and presence.

A statement pendant above a dining room table or bed creates a beautiful and stylish accent.

Bold statement light fixtures serving as the focal point of a room is a big trend this year. And large rooms aren’t necessary to make this happen. A statement pendant above a dining room table or bed creates a beautiful and stylish accent. Our 2016 parade model in the Rapp Farm neighborhood has gorgeous light fixtures such as this one.

3. Free Standing Tub.

Master bathrooms are evolving into serene retreats for homeowners. More and more spa-like features are appearing – think chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures and dramatic tile selections. The biggest new trend in the master bathroom is the shift from the large soaker tub to the freestanding tub. The large soaker tub, which usually occupies a large space in the corner, has transitioned into the artistic freestanding tub, which is installed away from the wall and has no tile surround. Whether it’s simple or grandiose, traditional or modern, the freestanding tub adds a dramatic element to any master bath.

The Master Bath features a free standing tub for a spa like feel

This gorgeous porcelain freestanding tub graces the master bathroom at our Kootenia parade model #108.

4. White & Gray Cabinetry.

Buyers are looking for kitchens with soft muted color palettes and clean lines. While white on white is still popular, giving homeowners that fresh and spotless feel, refined neutral colors and earthy tones are working there way into kitchens in 2016. Charcoals, grays and tinted white cabinetry are the new alternative to standard white.

Charcoals, grays and tinted white cabinetry are the new alternative to standard white.

At our stunning home in Rapp Farm, we have opted to combine white cabinetry along with gray cabinetry. This color palette provides a sense of warmth to the space, while still giving you the freedom to add bold colors throughout.

Want to see even more new home trends for 2016? Visit us at our model along the spring parade! We are model #108 at 15 Crescent Lane in North Oaks, 55127. Tours run Thursdays – Sundays from noon until 6pm through March 20th.

-Jen Eibensteiner