Saddle ClubNew home construction in the natural seeting of Saddle Club, Lino Lakes MN

A Place Where the Unique Splendor of Prairie Fields Unfold

This season Kootenia Homes invites you to consider a different approach to new home construction, one which puts the natural heritage of the Midwest at its forefront. If the modern approach to suburban development is a carbon mold of borrowed style then the partnership of Kootenia homes and the Saddle Club, a newly developed community in Lino Lakes, is a response which seeks to break convention. It is a place where what lies beyond the home is as integral as its foundation. A place where the unique splendor of prairie fields unfold from walkout home design. A place where a home buyer may distract themselves from the modern distraction of life in the most natural of ways.

New home construction community set in a natural setting located in Lino Lakes Saddle Club

The core belief of the Saddle club is that a community cannot be formed without respect from the world around. This is why, among the 39 acres of land, 22 have been placed aside as preserved green space. Here a home and family are allowed to flourish alongside nature. From the elevated lots above cascading hills of prairie grassland our members are provided a personal snapshot of the Midwest wilderness from the comfort of home. With its groves of wooded terrain surrounded by valleys of wetlands the palate of the Minnesota, in its entirety, is placed within reach. A landscape of accessible trails invite the curious to wander about the preserved community and for the intrepid adventurer rests the Rice Creek chain of park reserves which connects itself to the neighboring sights and wildlife Lino Lakes has to offer.

Prime Location in Lino Lakes

Within the heart of the Saddle Club is a destination which would usually require travel yet, to supplement virtue of location, it is able to offer all the modern amenities which the suburban home buyer expects. Situated off 35W and 35E, our community is minutes from the Twin Cities and just a few miles from local shops and restaurants. And for the families who wish to plant roots there is perfect opportunity to do so. With its proximity to the Centennial school district, as well as many private institutions, an abundance of choices for families of all ages are available to further development and growth.

At Kootenia homes our vision is simple: develop personal relationships with our customers, utilize premium materials, and employ trusted craftsmanship. Though the national chains are able to reproduce designs concurrent with present trends, our team of expert craftsmen labor to provide a home which is as unique as the people living within. We design around your dreams and within your needs, whether that be of an open kitchen, spacious living area, or specific desire. By applying our awarded commitment to quality and communication we strive to create a place you are proud of. From the laying of the foundation all the way to interior design, we will give you the tools to craft a living space that is your own, because it is not a Kootenia home unless it is yours to love.

In this home buying season if your wish is to create a new way of construction let the North Metro be your destination. If your desire for a personal home as unique as the place it resides, then let Kootenia homes be your guide. And if this pull leads you toward the natural heritage of the Minnesota, without forgetting the comfort of the suburbsm then let Saddle Club be the place you call home.

The first phase of construction, currently underway, has (number of plots) available, with the rest of the 55 plots being released near the end of 2016, with packages beginning at $450,000. Kootenia homes will showcase their first custom single story walkout in (date of model) to provide an example for what can be achieved when custom home building joins hands with developers to create a living space in harmony with its unique location. To set up a viewing or inquire about new home construction call Jennifer Eibensteiner at (651) 329-3102 or visit