Most new home buyers look in new sub divisions for their new home but what about old neighborhoods? Older neighborhoods offer good schools, shorter commutes to work, established sense of community and close location to cultural and entertainment options.

Is it possible to find a close-in neighborhood and tear down an older home? Yes Kootenia makes this part of our business model to tear down one to many older homes each year. This will happen as a home outlives its useful life and best thing is older spot normally come with larger lots. This is a tremendous way to update an older neighborhood while offering a new home for today’s family.

The term “teardown” is associated with the McMansions during the housing boom but does not need to be that. Kootenia is a design-build firm so the designs are all in house designs that work. If done correctly a teardown can be welcomed by local governments and yes the older neighbors. These teardowns can and are complicated especially for a unseasoned builder. They normally involve permitting, zoning, historic preservation, and demo challenges that a normal sub-division builder never encounter. Could a teardown make more sense than building that custom home in the suburbs?

How can one recognize a good teardown candidate? A real potential is a home in a neighborhood that is not keeping up with current values. It may because of disrepair or it could be the ugly duckling. It may be that smaller than usual home design that is undervalued. An older home can have severe problems that make it financially unfeasible to repair such as heavy infestations of mold or pest, extensive water damage, foundation issues too expensive to repair. Maybe an older home without proper bathrooms or older plumbing issues that would be too costly to repair may make a perfect teardown.

Kootenia Homes has done many teardowns over the year even homes that have been in a fire and are too damaged to remodel. Kootenia Homes will meet you at your potential teardown and help with a new design with pricing to find out if tearing down is even feasible. In 2016 Kootenia has worked on two lake homes on in Arden Hills and the other in North Oaks and built new homes on those sites. Kootenia has also worked with two homeowners to rebuild their home after a nasty fire destroyed their homes. We can help!

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