New Home BuildingKootenia Homes

Choosing the right builder is a critical first step in the journey to your new home. With so many homebuilders to choose from, it’s important to understand the differences so you can make an informed decision about your homes future. Lets take a closer look at what distinguishes Kootenia Homes from other builders.

Kootenia’s Design-Build Concept

One important thing that sets Kootenia apart from other builders is our level of customization. Kootenia meticulously creates a new design for every single home it builds. This design is unique to you and your home only. Unlike production builders, Kootenia Homes are 100% customizable. There is no preselected group of plans and finishes you must choose from. Want an indoor basketball court? An elevator? A floating staircase? We have tackled it all. The sky is the limit on your design dreams and we are here to bring those dreams to life.

Kootenia’s Process

At Kootenia, we believe the creation of each home is only as good as its process. Establishing and implementing a plan from beginning to end ensures a timely build and the completion of your dream home, your way. Here is some of what you can expect when you build a home with Kootenia:

In our first meeting, known as the “Exploration Meeting,” our goal is to obtain an understanding of you and your family, what your needs are, and what you are looking for in a home. At this meeting we also discuss important elements such as design styles, home size, budget, location, school districts and other pertinent aspects to you and your family.

During the second meeting, known as the “Design Meeting,” we review in depth the exact design specifications and budget, making changes to both until they best suit the needs of each clients unique dream home. Once the final design is complete and the location has been chosen, we put together a purchase agreement that meets your needs and your budget.

At this point in the process comes the really fun part: selections! Choosing what will go in your custom home is one of the most exciting parts, and Kootenia has access to some of the best showrooms in town. Yes, SHOWROOMS as in plural. We have longstanding partnerships with a plethora of selection showrooms available for each build. Why would we limit our client’s choices to one builder’s showroom when building a custom home?

After finalizing selections we have what is known as a “Pre-Construction Review.” At this point you can see every aspect of the home planned down to the last detail, and ensure that we have included and accommodated for all of your custom needs before we begin construction.

Kootenia Brands & Craftsmanship

At Kootenia we have paralleled ourselves with only the finest products and materials. From Tyvek house wrap and James Hardie Siding to Pella Windows and Subzero Wolf Appliances, we don’t accept anything but the very best. This goes for workmanship as well. Kootenia employs only the most skilled craftsman to construct our homes. Attention to detail is paramount to our brand. And since we are a custom builder, we only build what we can handle. Rather than cranking out as many homes as we can mass-produce annually, we are meticulous and purposeful in the construction of each and every home.

These are just some of the reasons to consider building a home with Kootenia. Our level of customization and personalization, comprehensive planning process, quality materials and the finest craftsmanship are what has made us a homebuilding staple in the community since 1969.