New Home BuildingWinter Construction is underway for Kootenia Homes in Rapp Farm

It may be the coldest time of the year here in Minnesota, but that doesn’t stop Kootenia Homes from tackling winter construction. In fact, we have a plethora of new homes underway throughout the Twin Cities that will be completed this spring and summer. Of our five projects, three are located in the serene and tranquil Saddle Club neighborhood of Lino Lakes, one is on White Bear Lake, and another is located in the exclusive Rapp Farm neighborhood of North Oaks. We are also excited to announce that our custom two-story model in Rapp Farm, North Oaks will be featured along the Spring 2019 Parade of Homes!

Though many consider the winter months to be an uncommon time to build a home, there are actually some advantages to winter construction. One big reason to begin the process now is the condition of the ground. The rain that inevitably occurs during the spring months presents a variety of problems in the homebuilding process. This is because new construction sites require relatively solid ground in order for trucks and heavy equipment to do their job. If a substantial amount of rain has fallen, as is common in the spring, the ground may be too soft, and early construction comes to a halt. For this reason, winter can actually be good time to break ground on your new home.

Another thing to consider regarding winter construction is the price of labor and materials in the winter versus later in the year. It is common for building materials and labor to increase in the early spring. It is also more likely for contractors and crews to be busier in the spring and summer, when more people are thinking about new home construction. And though it’s true that there can be additional expenses to take into consideration while building in the winter due to frost, these costs are relatively insignificant in comparison to the cost of the home as a whole, especially when you take into consideration the rising cost of labor, materials, and interest rates as the year progresses. The rule of thumb is it always makes financial sense to build sooner rather than later.

Acquiring the proper permits and licenses for your new home is another factor to take into consideration. Since less construction occurs during the winter, fewer permits are submitted. Cities get bombarded with building requests in the spring and summer months, which can lead to delays in your new home endeavor. Submitting these requests during the “slow season” means you will obtain these permits more quickly, allowing the project to move forward at a more efficient pace.

Finally, a big perk of building during the winter means you will move into your new home in that coveted spring and early summer time slot. This is a perfect time of year to transition to your new home for a handful of reasons – the kids are out of school, you don’t have to move in the bitter cold, and you’re able to enjoy your new landscaping and plant flowers.

Are you interested in building your new home in 2019?

Get ahead of the crowd and begin the process now! We have exclusive building rights in 2 gorgeous developments – Saddle Club, Lino Lakes, and Rapp Farm, North Oaks. But don’t wait – only a handful of lots remain in the Saddle Club neighborhood and the Rapp Farm neighborhood is in its final phase. Start the process of your dream home TODAY, before it’s too late!