New Home Building

Here at Kootenia we want to make sure your custom home has everything you could ever want, so why not add a pool? Adding a pool to your new home is the perfect way to enhance that indoor-outdoor living that can be enjoyed during our warm Minnesotan summers. And most importantly it’s a great way to invest in your family. Everyone in your family can enjoy the pool including friends. If you’re hesitant about having a pool at your new home, here are some reasons we think you should go for it!

The first reason you should put a pool in is it will give your kids a place to bring their friends. In the summertime you won’t have to drive them to the beach or nearest pool, they’ll just be able to walk into the backyard and they’ll easily spend the entire day back there. This way you can keep a close eye on them, but also get things done at home. Your kids won’t want to go anywhere else because they’ll love having their own pool.

Now another reason is that summers get busy. It seems that schedules get more and more full each year and sometimes it is hard to getaway. Suddenly you’ll realize that there isn’t anytime to get to the cabin or even go somewhere else with your family. Some weekends everyone will be heading in different directions. When there isn’t enough time to leave the house again, you won’t have to with a pool. Forget about packing a bag for the weekend, just throw on your swimsuit and go relax by the pool.

Also, a pool makes for the perfect space to gather with family and friends. The kids can be swimming, while the adults hang around the pool and grill. Everyone can find something to do by the pool and it doesn’t have to be swimming. You can invite over all your family and friends or just keep it small. There will be countless memories made by the pool whether it be for the Fourth of July or just a random summer night.

Finally, a pool is a space where you can go to relax. After a long day at work, it’ll be nice to take a quick dip in the pool. The even better part is, you don’t have to go far at all, just right in your backyard. Or after a day sitting in the sun watching your kid’s activities, you all can go back home to cool off in the pool! Even after working in the yard all day, just take a little break to swim. We promise you and your family will get use out of your pool, just trust us!

Doesn’t everyone want to do what’s best for their families? Well the next best thing is to add a pool to your custom home with Kootenia! When you invest in a pool, you’ll have your own little piece of paradise in your backyard that everyone can enjoy. Just think of all the memories your family will create in the backyard when you have a pool and it’ll all be worth it.