The Gateway

With a custom home in the Gateway Neighborhood, your children will be apart of one of the greatest school districts in the state of Minnesota, Mahtomedi School District #832. As a company Kootenia thinks diligently on the location of where we build so new homeowners can have everything they’ve ever wanted for their family. Sending your children to school every morning is a major part of life and we want to make sure your kids get the best education they can. When building in the Gateway your kids will even have the option of walking to school every day, no matter what grade they’re in.

For grades K-2 your children will attend Wildwood Elementary School. At Wildwood Elementary, the teachers and staff are there to provide the best education for your children. At this early childhood school, the classes have an average of 21 students to ensure that the teachers can really focus on each student as individuals. And with being so close to the school you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer at any event happening at the school or check in with teachers and your children as the school encourages it.

Once your child finishes second grade, they’ll continue their education at O.H. Anderson Elementary School through fifth grade. Just like the other schools in the Mahtomedi School District, this school offers an elite education. Now that students are older, they’ll have the chance to expand their knowledge by participating in Spanish, music, physical education, media/technology, and art every week. The teachers here will be sure to help your kids excel in school.

Now for the big jump from elementary school to middle school. At Mahtomedi Middle School the faculty wants to make a seamless transition for your kids and their education. At the middle school your students will grow into their unique personalities and be supported in whatever they choose to do. They’ll even have the chance to participate in a wide range of after school activities, which is awesome for them. Just think of these after school activities as more time to get things done!

In the blink of an eye your children will be on their way to high school and ready to attend Mahtomedi High School. Your kids will continue to earn a spectacular education and be exposed to many great opportunities. As great of an education as they’ll be receiving, they’ll also have a chance to participate in athletics and other activities. Whatever their plan is after graduation, they will be set up for success by attending Mahtomedi High School.

At Kootenia we like to consider all aspects of where your future home is located, and we know how important schooling is. No need to sacrifice anything when building with Kootenia, because we’ve got it all covered for you.