New Home Building

Color is such a large part of building your custom home, but we don’t want you to be intimidated by it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when looking at an entire paint deck, but that’s why we have Meridy here at Kootenia. Meridy will be by your side through all of your selections. One color that is becoming very popular is navy and it happens to be one of Meridy’s favorite colors to use! In fact, navy can be used in so many ways. Lucky for you our interior designer shared with us everything we need to know about the timeless color.

It’s helpful to know that navy can be used on the exterior of your home, interior, and even with decor. If you think you want to use the color navy somewhere, it’s probably a good idea. The reason that it works in so many places is because it brings in color to a space but keeps it neutral. That’s why you’ll see it used as an inviting front door color or even the cabinetry in your kitchen. Some other ways Meridy likes to use it is for an accent wall to draw your eye in or a unique patterned tile to add some flare to a space.

Asking Meridy why she thinks navy is so popular she had a great response. She said that so many of us wear jeans and what color are jeans? They’re navy. All throughout time jeans have been a staple in people’s wardrobes but the way we choose to style them has evolved. Jeans are that article of clothing that can be worn in many ways and similarly the color navy can be used in many ways in your home.

Navy can also complete the design of a space. Depending on how you use the color in a room it will really add to the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. For example, using navy with white ship lap gives you a nautical look in the space. On the other hand, pairing navy walls with darker wood gives the room a more masculine feel.  Or maybe you choose to paint navy on all the walls and create a tranquil feeling in the space. It’s great because navy can be used in so many ways that you’ll be sure to create exactly what you envisioned with it.

Meridy loves the color so much she has even narrowed it down to some of her favorites. Her favorites include: In the Navy SW 9178, Anchors Aweigh SW9179, and Gale Force SW7605. She has a couple favorites because it depends on what you want to pair the navy color with due to different undertones. She even said that navy is the perfect color to pair with other vibrant colors like orange, green, or bright yellow. It truly will transform a space.

It’s so fitting that Naval (a shade of navy) is even the color of the year for Sherwin-Williams. This just proves that it is a timeless color! At Kootenia homes we agree that navy is here to stay, no matter how it’s used in your custom home. We’re excited to keep finding new ways to incorporate the color into our custom homes.