Kitchen Design Guidelines

Kitchen Design: Planning Guidelines!

Doorway, Entry and Interference: Doorways leading into your kitchen should be a minimum of 32” wide, ideally 36” for large appliances Avoid door interference; Refrigerator, oven and dishwasher door swings Distances for your work triangle: With 3 work centers, sum of the distances should not exceed 26’, no leg less than 4’ or more than…

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Getting the most out of your master suite remodeling project for resale vaule

Remodeling for Resale

Home Improvements that give you the most return! Kitchens and Bathrooms When remodeling for resale choosing to focus on kitchens and bathrooms is always a smart choice! Choose finishes that are neutral and likeable by many people. You can spend thousands of dollars on a custom space that you love but others may not. Another…

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Twin Cities Remodeler Kootenia Homes

What updates should you do?

Is it time to do updates to your home and you are trying to determine what should be improved? It is a common quandary for homeowners to have trouble sorting out what should be updated. To begin the process it is beneficial to look at your home with a clear perspective and think about what…

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