UncategorizedKootenia has been building homes throughout the Twin Cities for almost 50 years

A home is one of the single most important investments that a person can make. And while the home-buying process involves a number of significant decisions, one of the first is whether to build a new home or shop for an existing one. At Kootenia, we have been building homes throughout the Twin Cities for almost 50 years. Through our experiences, we feel there are many advantages to building, especially with our company. Here are 5 of the biggest.

1. Quality Construction & Craftsmanship

While new homes and old homes may not look very different to the naked eye, new homes are designed and engineered for optimal performance. Each of our Kootenia Homes is crafted with incredible precision, offering higher levels of durability, comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency. Older homes deal with a range of issues such as improper drainage, air leaks, damp insulation and moisture problems, all leading to spiked costs and an ineffective living environment. New Kootenia Homes have a number of intricate systems that are designed to work together providing freshly circulated air, no hot or cold spots, and increased energy for heating and cooling systems that won’t lead to high monthly costs. Furthermore, materials such as engineered lumber and advanced framing techniques have allowed newly constructed homes to last much longer than they used to. For this reason alone building should be a serious consideration for people searching for a new home. 

2. Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), new homes are 30% more energy efficient than homes built even 5 years ago. This is in large part due to code revisions, which have increased the amount of insulation in walls and ceilings, improved window and lighting efficiency, hot water distribution systems, better air-sealing techniques, less wasted energy from leaking ducts, and advances in technology resulting in highly efficient appliances. At Kootenia, we use the finest products in all of our homes, from Tyvek home wrap, James Hardie Siding, Pella Windows, and high-end home appliances. 

3. Better Layouts & Floor Plans

Our designs and home layouts are aimed at maximizing each and every space of your home so that it works for YOU. Instead of living in a home with a number of choppy and cramped spaces that never get used, our goal is to consistently create layouts that utilize every square foot. By listening to our clients and allowing them to express their needs and wants, we are able to transform ideas into reality, designing spaces that fit perfectly around their lifestyle. Elements like spacious and open kitchens, multi-generational living spaces, custom sunrooms, studies, or home gyms, walk-in closets and creative storage spaces; the sky is truly the limit when you’re working with Kootenia Homes.

4. Customization & Personalization

One of the biggest factors that influence a person’s decision to build is the fact that they have the ability to customize and personalize their home to suite their specific needs. At Kootenia, we are truly 100% custom. We do not simply offer a handful of different plans; we are open to any type of design or concept. This is one factor that make Kootenia Homes so unique. While existing homes will undoubtedly contain spaces you may not necessarily want or need, building a home with Kootenia allows you to focus solely on the spaces you want, resulting in a home that is truly personalized to you.

5. Location

Location is a major factor homebuyers consider, especially those with families. Kootenia is currently building in a handful of exclusive communities, including the Rapp Farm neighborhood in North Oaks, and the Saddle Club neighborhood in Lino Lakes. Both of these locations are known for their close proximity to great schools, highly secure and safe neighborhoods, pristine beauty, and plethora of amenities. If you want more information on either of these locations, act fast! Both are in their final phase of development and lots are selling quickly.

Whether you are looking for quality construction, increased efficiency, a better home layout, customization, or a great location, consider building a home with Kootenia, and live in the home of your dreams!