Build With Us

Kootenia Homes is based out of Woodbury, MN and has been a family-run business since 1969. Our team utilizes their unique background, knowledge, and expertise of the building industry to create custom unique beautifully crafted homes.

Step 1


The first meeting is to understand who you and your family are. This is not about choosing colors or picking from three or four plans. This is about getting to know your specific needs and what you are looking for in a home. This meeting is your time to express you desired school districts, location, home size, design styles, and more.

Step 2


The second meeting is to review design options and budgets from Exploration Meeting located at our Woodbury office. This is what separates us from other builders. We review concepts and make changes to fit the needs of each custom home.

Step 3


Once a final design is selected and the purchase agreement is achieved, that is where the real fun begins. We have a distinct approach and options for selections. We have great partnerships with selection showrooms available to each custom home. We our team’s unmatched skills and our connections, the sky is the limit when building your home.

Step 4


As soon as your finances and overall designs are completed and approved, construction on your home will begin. To ensure the home is everything you imagined, we want you to remain engaged through the building stage. There will be in office and walk-through appointments to guarantee all your wishes are met.

Step 5

Move In

The best part of the process, you get to move into your dream home! This is the step where you sign the papers, close on the property, an begin living in your custom home. With our customer satisfaction program and home warranty, we are committed to making this move-in day joy last forever.