4 Questions to Ask When Designing a Mudroom

Have you been considering improving or adding a mudroom? This article will help you address questions to sort out what features are best for a mudroom in your home. *How will the room be used? Will it only be used for entering and exiting the home? You may incorporate cabinetry with open storage including a…

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Kitchen Remodeling Choosing the right appliances

Choose the Right Appliances for your Home Remodel!

Thinking of updating or remodeling your home? Don’t forget about your appliances! Make sure you are prepared when the time comes to purchase the correct appliance for your space, family size and lifestyle. As a Remodeling Designer at Kootenia Homes I am here to show you features and benefits you may not have known about…

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Award winning remodeler for Lower Levels

4 Tips for Selecting Lower Level Millwork

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to selecting millwork to finish your lower level? As a Remodeling Designer at Kootenia Homes I will help you determine the best choices for you and your home. This article may help you narrow down the options when designing your project. Millwork refers to any doors, trim, or…

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Twin Cities Remodeler Kootenia Homes

5 Unique Design Features to add to your Home Remodel!

Thinking of updating your home? Here are some unique features you can incorporate into your home remodel. Furniture Inspired Islands – Make your kitchen island a focal point of your space. Instead of using the same cabinetry for your entire kitchen make your island a little more interesting! If your kitchen cabinetry is white incorporate…

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